Last Minute Travel Idea – Take an Intercity Bus!

Are you itching to hit the road and get away for a spell? Take a look at what intercity buses can do for you. Last week, we blogged about how they were the fastest growing transportation mode in 2010, and now we’re here with some good news! Megabus announced that they still have free and $1 tickets available as part of their winter seat giveaway. Megabus services 14 cities from Washington, DC, including Toronto, Canada, and newly added destinations such as Pittsburgh, PA, and Raleigh/Durham, NC.


Accessing Megabus and other intercity bus lines is super easy with close proximity to public transit; the bus depot is located in the parking lot on H and 10th Streets, NW—just a short walk Metro Center. Traveling by intercity bus is a great option for low-cost, last-minute travel and allows you to avoid long security lines and parking or transportation costs to the airport. On board, you can eat, drink, talk on your cell phone (though we don’t recommend this if you want to avoid making enemies with your fellow passengers) and take advantage of their free Wi-Fi service.


The winter seat giveaway is good on all routes of travel before March 1st. More information and the promotional code, visit the Megabus website at



Written by Tarryn Lee at goDCgo


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