Metro Wants Me? Yes! Take WMATA’s Survey for Proposed College Park Bike Garage

Calling all bike commuters! Responding to numerous requests from MetroRail riders who bike to Metro stations, WMATA is planning a pilot program to provide a secure bicycle parking facility at the College Park station—and they need your help! Details about the project are posted on Metro’s “PlanItMetro” blog. In a statement from WMATA, the project is going forward because “we want you to feel safe leaving your bike at a Metro station, and sometimes our existing racks and lockers aren’t sufficient…Also, bike parking is a very cost-effective way for us to give you access to the station, especially compared to the cost of auto parking.”


Metro envisions the proposed “bike garage” to be a secure, enclosed area on the ground floor of the parking garage with space for about 80 bikes and will have CCTV for security. Advanced registration will be required to access the facility, and spaces will be first-come, first-served.


So where do you come in? Metro is taking a poll to solicit opinions about how to best access the parking as well as what the cost should be. Options proposed include:


  • SmarTrip card access for free
  • SmarTrip card access with an annual fee
  • SmarTrip card access with annual and usage fees
  • SmarTrip card access with usage fees
  • a New Parking card for access
  • a Third-Party Access card with fees.


It’s exciting to see biking becoming a higher priority in local transportation developments—and even more encouraging to be able to participate in the planning. Be sure to read the pros and cons section before casting your vote here.



By Tarryn Lee and Anne Factor at goDCgo


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