Ode to Capital Bikeshare: A Shining Light In Winter

Something stirs in the dirty, slushy streets

And my winter-weary eyes alight upon a streaking flash

Fiery, red, fierce—CaBi warms my soul and shines like a springtime star.

 Oh, Capital Bikeshare –you live, you breath,

You guide me like a lamp in the darkest night.

Ultimate fighter, warrior and champion—you complete me.


Here at goDCgo, we don’t just blog—we also write astonishingly bad poetry. But really, there seemed to be no other way to adequately express the magnitude of how awesome it is that Capital Bikeshare remains open during the entire year, winter months included.


Of the three largest bikeshare systems nationwide, including Minneapolis and Denver, Capital Bikeshare is the only one to stay open year-round. To be fair, those cities have a teensy bit more severe winter weather than around these parts, but still…CaBi’s impressive. What’s more, DC residents actually use the bikes, a fact which may be attributed in part to the Winter Weather Warrior contest. From the contest’s opening day on January 1st through January 30th, 13,478 trips were taken by over 900 members who opted into the contest. Nearly 19% of the 5,000-plus annual members chose to participate in the contest, which just goes to show the truly adventurous spirit of Washingtonians.


The competition is on until February 28th and it’s heating up! If you’d like to follow it and see who will be crowned the District’s “Winter Weather Warrior,” the full leader board showing who’s ahead is posted weekly at www.goDCgo.com/winterweatherwarrior.aspx.



By Anne Factor at goDCgo


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