Intercity Buses Win! They were the Fastest Growing Transportation Mode in 2010

DePaul University in Illinois recently released a study on intercity buses with interesting results: they were the fastest growing mode of intercity transportation, outpacing both air and rail transportation for the third straight year. The number of intercity buses grew by 6% in 2010, up from 5.1% in 2009. In particular, popular lines  Boltbus and Megabus expanded their number of departures by 23.9% last year, and Megabus reported ridership growth of 48% in both 2009 and 2010. This is great news in the world of sustainable transportation, as passenger loads last year reduced fuel consumption by 11 million gallons—that’s the equivalent of removing 23,818 vehicles from the road!


Several factors contributed to this growth, including free Wi-Fi, which is offered on most of the buses, as well as quick boarding procedures (unlike the hassle of long security lines at the airport). But possibly the biggest reason for the rise in intercity bus ridership is the low cost, especially when compared to the expense of flying or driving when fuel prices are high.


Have you ridden an intercity bus service lately? Let us know how you liked it.



By Tarryn Lee at goDCgo


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