What is the True Cost of Driving and How Do You Compare?

Gas prices rose again in October, jumping double digits since the beginning of the month in most areas according to the American Automobile Association. So what is the true cost of driving? If you take into consideration not only gas prices and auto payments, but also maintenance for the wear and tear on your car, and especially parking, the costs are a lot higher than you might think. For a majority of DC commuters, taking public transit or commuting by bicycle is a much more cost effective way to get to work.


Curious to see how your transportation spending compares to others? MSN recently launched Bundle, a source that allows you to compare your own spending and saving habits to others based on location, age, household and income. According to their website the average DC resident spent $103 on gas and $235 on auto payments and maintenance per month over the last year.


Need help navigating the city without a car? Check out our interactive map to help you get going and on your way!


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