NY Times Proclaims Roadways are the New Runways

Not sure how best to accessorize this season? According to the NY Times Fashion & Style section,a bike (preferably oh-so-retro-chic) is your must-have addition to this season’s wardrobe. The biking –around-in-anything-that’s-not-spandex craze isn’t just limited to the common folk trekking to work day in and day out—no, this includes the likes of celebrities Chloë Sevigny and Naomi Watts. And if the New York Times tells you that all the cool kids are doing it, well…need I say more?


We found it impossible to really distill the overwhelming edginess and relevance of this piece into a paragraph or two, but here are some snippets of the article’s most priceless gems of fashion writing:


·         “increasingly visible band of chic New Yorkers whooshing along the green-painted bike lanes that have proliferated in Manhattan, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Hudson and from TriBeCa to Harlem, clutching BlackBerrys and clad not in spandex but in fluttery skirts, capes and kitten heels.”

·         “Roadways are the new runways for these style-obsessed cyclists, their bikes no mere conveyance but a racy adjunct to their look.”

·         “most are turning their backs on the once-customary aerodynamic helmets and latex shorts in favor of a look as fetching as it is genteel.”


Clearly, anyone can see why we felt compelled to add fashion to our goDCgo arsenal of reasons to encourage people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. Thanks, NYT—you had us at Chloë Sevigny.


*Photo by Elizabeth Lippman for the New York Times


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