Recent Findings on Traffic Pollution and Your Health

The majority of DC area residents still use their cars as their primary mode of transportation for a variety of reasons, wreaking havoc on the local air quality. Sure, most people are well aware of the effect that vehicle emissions have on the environment, but often only in the abstract. What many of us don’t always perceive is the direct effect that our transportation choices have on our lives and health—right now.


If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of area residents who don’t consider the environmental repercussions when you choose to drive alone, often idling for long periods of time in DC’s notoriously congested traffic, we ask you to reconsider. Columbia University’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health provides valuable information on their website about the serious threat that traffic pollution poses to everyone, particularly to children. For more information, we suggest visiting the CCCEH website.  For further reading on the subject, we also recommend Time Magazine’s recent article, entitled “How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of Your Life—The New Science of Fetal Origins” in which the CCCEH’s study into the effect of traffic pollution on developing fetuses was prominently featured.


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