Metro Makes Life Easier with Real-Time Train Arrival Service

Have you ever made it to the Metro station right when the doors of the train are closing? Then stand there giving off disgruntled vibes and bringing everyone around you down? Or arrived too early when you could have stopped to shotgun your fifth coffee of the day? (What—am I the only one?)Well, the nice folks at WMATA have introduced a new system to let you know in real time your next train arrival, making your life and your commute just a little more predictable.


Now, in addition to Metro’s online and web-enabled mobile resources, you can also dial up train arrival information using a good old-fashioned phone. Simply call Metro’s Customer Information number at 202-637-7000 and say “Next Train.” Then follow the prompts to hear when the next trains will arrive at a specific station within the next 20 minutes. If you’re not convinced that this is as simple as it sounds, just take a look at WMATA’s informative video posted on their website. There you’ll see computer-animated Abby and her mom talking metro over a cup of joe, painstakingly explaining the new phone service.


Some of us here at goDCgo use Metro’s bevy of real-time resources daily. Now you can get the information you need without a computer or web-enabled phone, so that you too can cast aside every shred of dignity and hurl your business-casual self down the street to make it to the train that’s leaving in four minutes. As always, please remember to be safe.


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