Go Car Free and Win an iPad

DC will celebrate Car Free Day with the rest of the world on Wednesday, Sept.22,and we want to encourage you to take the pledge. Why? Because it’s good for your health, it’s good for your wallet and it’s great for the environment. And really, couldn’t we all do without quite so much traffic around here? But if these reasons aren’t compelling enough to make you want to scoot around town without the old ball-and-chain (umm…that’s your car), now you have the chance to win an iPad just for participating. All you have to do is go to www.carfreemetrodc.com to take the pledge and be automatically registered to win the iPad or other cool prizes.


How can you go car free? Good question. You have lots of options:


  • Boogie on down to your nearest metro or bus stop. For routes, schedules and pricing, go to www.wmata.com.
  • Dust off your bike and find out more about bike trails and lanes that can take you all over the DC area. Bike maps are available on the DDOT website. In addition, the new Capital Bikeshare program officially launches on Sept. 20th—so check out the available stations on www.capitalbikeshare.com for all your quick trips around town.
  • Try walking. Did anyone else’s grandma repeatedly bombard all who would listen with tales of walking ten miles in a snow storm to go to school? You don’t have to be quite so heroic, but we could all probably handle a couple of miles to the metro. Just make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes and research your route before stepping out.
  • Carpooling or vanpooling are great ways to go car lite and are a huge cost-saving means of transportation. Commuter Connections can help you find a ride that works with your schedule. Just visit the Commuter Connections website to register.


No matter what mode of transportation you choose, always remember to be safe. Invaluable safety tips for pedestrians and cyclists are available on www.bestreetsmart.net.


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