Save On Zipcar Annual Memberships! Today Only!

We don’t sell stuff here at goDCgo, but we saw this and just couldn’t keep it to ourselves.  Today only, is offering a full-year membership to Zipcar plus a $50 driving credit for only $35 (they’re even waiving the sign-up fee)—that’s a savings of $90! Be sure to take advantage of this offer so you can see for yourself the benefits of car-sharing. You may even decide to give up your car once you realize what a cost-saving, hassle-free alternative Zipcar is to car ownership, not to mention the added benefit of easing your raging conscience by knowing that you’ve done your part to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (every one Zipcar erases 15-20 cars from the roads).


Even if you’re not ready to part with your car or you already take public transportation, Zipcar can be a handy backup plan for those occasions when public transportation isn’t available, a family member has borrowed your car, or you need something bigger to schlep around the mattress that your dog ruined with mysterious yellow spots (not that I’m speaking from personal experience). While you’re chewing on this, check out the Zipcar website at to discover more car-sharing gems, like how members save more than $500 per month as opposed to car owners.


The deal is only available today on Again, goDCgo neither endorses nor opposes Seriously. Just trying to help.


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