Discounted Capital Bikeshare for DC College Students

      Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) may be coming to a college campus near you! In August, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) introduced the Capital Bikeshare for Universities program, which offers $25 annual memberships for all students enrolled at universities based in Washington, DC. In a city where nearly five percent of the residents bike to work, this initiative will go a long way to make cycling more equitable and to encourage college students to give biking a try as they plan their trips to campus and around the city.

      In early planning, goDCgo reached out to several DC universities to gauge whether this program made sense for their students -- the answer was a resounding yes! The health benefits for students are innumerable, getting to destinations in and around the city will be faster, and the cost savings are fantastic. Additionally, the larger DC community will benefit from fewer cars on the road, and therefore; a reduction in pollution. The increase in cyclists will ultimately bring safer roads, too. According to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, when a community has more cyclists, motorists are more aware of their presence, and that leads to a reduction in crashes.

      For students to benefit from this deep discount, their university must join the program. goDCgo staff works with universities to set up the program with Capital Bikeshare with a seamless registration process. We also provide marketing and promotional support to encourage students to take advantage of the discount.

      We are thrilled that the George Washington University is the first institution to participate in the CaBi for Universities program! With multiple campuses throughout the area and a boasting student population of more than 20,000, we look forward to this partnership.

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