Important Changes to 2019 Transportation Benefits

      December 31, 2018

      Starting January 1st, your commuter benefits monthly limit will increase from $260 to $265; that's $5 more a month as a pre-tax deduction! So, make sure to let your employer know if you'd like to increase your commuter benefit deduction!

      Not yet saving money on the cost of your public transportation or vanpool to work? Let's fix that! Whether you’re an employer or employee, we can give you the tools you need to gain a competitive edge or to save time and money on your commute.


      What are commuter benefits?
      Commuter benefits are transportation fringe benefits regulated by federal law that allows employers to offer employees up to $265 per month as a pre-tax deduction or tax-free subsidy for use on public transportation or vanpools.

      Great, so what does that mean?
      By participating in a commuter benefits program, employees can expect to save up to 35-40% per month in their monthly commuting cost. Savings will depend on the type of commuter benefits program offered by your employer. Contact your HR department for program specifics.

      What if my employer does not offer commuter benefits?
      If your workplace does not currently offer commuter benefits, use our justification letter to communicate that setting up a program is mutually beneficial. You can also share our Commuter Benefits Employer Toolkit and let goDCgo’s Employer Services team walk your employer through the setup process.

      If you are an employer with 20 or more employees, offering commuter benefits is required by law!
      The DC Commuter Benefits Law requires businesses in DC with 20 or more employees (full-time or part-time) to offer commuter benefits. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a goDCgo Employer Services Representative to learn about the commuter benefits options and advantages of implementing a transportation program.


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