Take a Walking Meeting to See the City in Bloom

      March 16, 2017

      Spring is in the air. What better time to get in some steps, enjoy pleasant weather and take in the beauty of DC’s world-renowned cherry blossom trees?

      Get creative and step outside the box by having a walking meeting during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Here are the top four reasons to take a productive stroll amidst the iconic cherry trees: 

      1. Active Employees = Productive Employees

      Your workplace depends on employees who are healthy and productive year-round. Luckily, physical activity has proven links to employee productivity, including heightened focus, improved timeliness and less absenteeism. By encouraging walking meetings, you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle, which in-turn helps your business.

      2. Free Customized Walk Tour

      Organizing a walking meeting is easy when you have a step-by-step guide to lead the way. We’ve partnered with the National Cherry Blossom Festival to put together a walking tour with meetings in mind!

      Share this guide with your employees and motivate them to take a trip to the blossoms by foot, while enjoying landmarks and statuesque monuments along the way.




      3. Active Employees Benefit the Company’s Bottom Line

      Employee wellness, performance and productivity are a key consideration for your company’s bottom line. Walking programs are great way to motivate employees, while improving personal health and decreasing healthcare costs—for both employee and employer.

      4. Inspiration and Creativity will Blossom in the Workplace

      Walking meetings help to improve employees’ focus and spark creativity in the workplace. When your employees return to the office after a brisk walk, they’re full of energy and fresh ideas to help propel your company and projects forward.


      From supplemental commuter benefits to walking meetings and company-wide walk challenges, there’s a lot your business can do to encourage walking to or during work. Contact goDCgo for assistance creating a program that works for your company.

      For more information and the latest updates on getting to National Cherry Blossom Festival events, visit info.goDCgo.com/Cherry-Blossom-Festival.

      WRITTEN BY: goDCgo

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