Navigate the National Cherry Blossom Festival with Ease

      March 16, 2017

      Every year, visitors from around the globe travel to Washington, DC to witness a transformation—the annual blooming of the blossoms. Gifted to the city by Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo in March 1912, the 3,000+ cherry blossom trees bring an explosion of life and color to the city and are celebrated with a series of events and festivities each spring. Looking to join in the fun? There are several ways to get to the pink trees at the Tidal Basin and official festival events. Here are our recommendations for getting to these top destinations: Tidal Basin ANA Performance Stage Opening Ceremony Blossom Kite Festival National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival...

      Top Spots to See Cherry Blossoms in DC

      March 16, 2017

      Here in Washington, DC, spring signifies more than just the arrival of warm weather—the season marks the blooming of our world-famous cherry blossom trees, symbolizing the natural beauty of our nation's capital city.   Each spring, the cherry trees take over the Tidal Basin, drawing thousands of visitors to a sea of pale pink and white blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial. While the Basin is home to the official Welcome Center and a majority of the cherry trees, it is not the only location in the city to marvel at the pink petals. Avoid the crowds and witness the beauty of the cherry trees at these lesser-known locations:...

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