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      #BikeInBloom is on the Move!

      #BikeInBloom is back for its sixth year -- and it's gone electric! Yup, you heard us right. Our beloved, ever-so-popular pink pedaler has passed the baton to an e-bike this year. The #BikeInBloom has become a DC springtime staple and celebrates the arrival of spring alongside the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Be on the lookout for this beauty now through April 14, 2019 and you could be a lucky weekly prize winner!

      Every year, Capital Bikeshare teams up with the National Cherry Blossom Festival to promote biking to the blossoms and other festival-related events. Riders are encouraged to keep an eye out for #BikeInBloom -- it serves as a reminder that biking is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to see the city in bloom! And it's even easier this year now that we've upgraded to a pedal-assisted electric bike. So why not brighten your Bikeshare?!

      Launched yesterday, March 11, the scavenger hunt-themed campaign encourages participants to spot the pink blossomed decorated bike, snap a photo, and post the picture on social media using the hashtag #BikeInBloom. Each person that posts on social media with #BikeInBloom will be entered to win a special prize each week. And we highly encourage you to hop on and take the e-bike for a ride to see the cherry trees!

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      We've also partnered with the National Cherry Blossom Festival to bring you a free guide to get to the blossoms, including:godcgo-national-cherry-blossom-festival-guide-2020

      • travel options to signature events
      • transportation choices to the festival welcome centers
      • National Mall monuments and memorial locations




      Learn more about the festival's official events and attractions at


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