goDCgo is an initiative of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) that encourages the use of sustainable transportation. We provide complimentary transit resources and consulting services to DC organizations and commuters. Our goal serves to decrease traffic congestion, improve air quality and create a better quality of life in the DC area.
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      pre-tax commuter benefits will increase by $5 in 2020

      December 24, 2019

      Effective January 1st, 2020, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will increase the monthly pre-tax deduction limit for transportation fringe benefits from $265 to $270. This $5 increase applies to commutes by vanpool and transit, and for qualified parking. Be sure to let your employees know in case they’d like to increase their commuter benefit contribution in the coming year....

      Scooting into 2020

      December 10, 2019

      More scooters in 2020! The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the next phase in their dockless vehicle sharing program, allowing four of the current eight permits to continue operating in Washington, DC starting April 1, 2020. The four approved operators will be able to expand their fleet to a total of 10,000 scooters -- nearly doubling the number of devices available for rent in the city!...

      Welcome to 2020: New Decade, New Transportation Benefits Increase

      December 05, 2019

      Welcome to the new decade! Starting January 1st, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) increases the monthly pre-tax deduction limit for transportation fringe benefits from $265 to $270; that's $5 more towards your transit or vanpool expenses! So, make sure to let your employer know if you'd like to increase your commuter benefits election. Not yet saving money on the cost of your public transportation or vanpool to work? Let's fix that! Whether you’re an employer or employee, we can give you the tools you need to gain a competitive edge or to save time and money on your commute. Visit goDCgo.com/commuter for transportation options and resources to help you explore a new commute....

      Washington, DC's Winter Wonders

      November 18, 2019

      Are you wondering what's happening in Washington, DC this winter? (Try saying that 10x fast!) Every year, our nation's capital puts on a seasonal show that features a plethora of FREE holiday festivities and events. From annual tree lightings, to family-friendly ZooLights, to holiday market shopping, and more — the city celebrates all winter long! With so many visitors coming to share seasonal joys with family and friends, goDCgo encourages you to take transit to avoid traffic and the search for parking. Transit options include Metrorail, DC Circulator, Capital Bikeshare, Metrobus, and dockless vehicles like bikes, mopeds, and scooters....

      DC Commuter Benefits Law: Comply or Be Fined

      November 13, 2019

      Are you a DC organization with 20 or more employees? The DC Commuter Benefits Law requires businesses (including non-profits) with 20 or more employees (full-time or part-time) in DC to offer commuter benefits. Starting on November 14, 2019, businesses operating in Washington, DC that are not in compliance with the DC Commuter Benefits Law, will be subject to fines.  What are the fines for non-compliance?  For the first offense, each month that a business is not in compliance could result in a fine of $100 per covered employee. Repeat offenders would see fines of $200 per employee for the second offense, $400 per employee for the third offense, and $800 per employee for subsequent offenses. To review the regulation in the Notice of Final Rulemaking, click here.   ...

      goDCgo, Literally!

      November 07, 2019

      Since launching in 2010, goDCgo has continued to have a major influence on DC commuters choosing to travel sustainably. goDCgo is an initiative of the District Department of Transportation and the leading resource for sustainable transportation information and options in Washington, DC. We work with DC employers and residential and hospitality industries to provide complimentary consulting services to encourage and support the use of active transportation and public transit. Our goal serves to decrease traffic congestion, improve air quality, and create a better quality of life in the DC area for commuters, residents, and visitors....

      Commuting After Dark

      October 24, 2019

      On Sunday, November 3 at 2am, we will depart from Daylight Savings and fall back to Eastern Standard Time. According to our friends at National Geographic, “Daylight saving time in the U.S. began in 1918 as an attempt to save energy during the throes of World War I, following Germany's earlier shift in 1916. The idea was to maximize sunlight hours during the longer days of the year by taking an hour of morning sun, when many are sleeping, and adding it to the end of the day.”...

      All About Affordable, Alternative Transportation

      October 10, 2019

      Washington, DC is heavily invested in providing affordable, alternative transportation options to residents across all eight wards of the city, regardless of income. To help meet that goal, DC has a number of transportation programs that provide discounted access to Capital Bikeshare, dockless vehicles such as scooters, and catching a cab, among others....

      Congratulations 2019 Commuter Challenge Competitors!

      October 09, 2019

      Thank you and congratulations to all of our employers and commuters who participated in the first-ever goDCgo Commuter Challenge! Participating organizations included the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DDOE), the World Bank Group, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), Washington Gas, Community of Hope, and TCG. We hope everyone enjoyed the competition and was inspired to turn this challenge into a forever lifestyle. Thanks to your efforts, we’ve collectively logged over 8,500 clean trips, burned 753,440 calories, saved 106,100 pounds of carbon emissions, and reduced 90,400 car miles during the month of September. This just goes to show that making the choice to walk, bike, or take public transit even one day a week can help make DC a greener city. YOU have the power to make a difference!...

      Bus, Bike, or Rail to the Ball Games

      September 23, 2019

      Who's ready for fall sports?! This year, all six of Washington, DC's professional sports teams are expected to be playing at the same time, including DC United, Washington Nationals, Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, Washington Mystics, and the Washington Redskins. Avoid traffic, know your options, and take sustainable transportation to the games so you can focus your energy on rooting for your team! Below are the sporting venues and their respective transportation options:...

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