goDCgo is an initiative of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) that encourages the use of sustainable transportation. We provide complimentary transit resources and consulting services to DC organizations and commuters. Our goal serves to decrease traffic congestion, improve air quality and create a better quality of life in the DC area.
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      Creating a Successful Hybrid Work Policy

      March 15, 2023

      In honor of this year’s Telework Week DC (March 6-10) that kicked off the month, we’re celebrating Telework in all of its forms including fully remote workers and those on a hybrid schedule. Although most DC employers aren’t fully remote, at least 35% of employers in the District are shifting to a hybrid policy. The hybrid model may be the best of both worlds for employers, employees, and the city, but it does present its own challenges.  ...

      DC Parking Cashout Law: Next Steps

      February 06, 2023

      With the January 2023 DC Parking Cashout reporting deadline in the rearview mirror, it’s time for employers to start preparing for what’s to come. The next step for employers varies based on which compliance option your organization chose. To help you navigate your next steps, we’ve outlined below what you need to do over the next year for each compliance option and exemption, and for those organizations that missed the deadline.     ...

      Explore Black-Owned Restaurants in DC

      February 06, 2023

      In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting Black-owned restaurants within the District and the ways you can get to them sustainably. Maybe you already have your favorites or are looking to try something new; either way, enjoying delightful cuisine at these restaurants is an opportunity to explore and indulge. It’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate Black History Month, and by traveling sustainably, it can have a lasting impact on our environment and communities. We hope you continue to explore Black-owned restaurants and businesses, not just in February but all year long....

      DC Parking Cashout Law Basics

      November 18, 2022

      To continue to improve air quality and traffic congestion in the District, the Transportation Benefits Equity Amendment Act of 2020, also referred to as the DC Parking Cashout Law, was signed into law by Mayor Bowser in April 2020. This law encourages sustainable transportation use and reduces driving alone to work in DC. As the first reporting deadline nears, we’re here to help employers understand the law and become compliant. Read on to learn the most important things you need to know about this law.  ...

      Part III: Clean Commutes to DC-Based Cafés and Coffee Shops

      November 10, 2022

      As they say, all good things must come to an end, right? While this will be the final piece of our blog series, the list of Washington, DC coffee shops is ongoing and here to stay! You never know what new shop will pop up in the city, so stay on the lookout. In the meantime, goDCgo recommends reviewing these local cafés below and grabbing your next cup of joe by foot, bike, bus, streetcar, or Metro. And in case you missed it, you can still check out Part I and Part II of this series for even more coffee stops....

      goDCgo's Guide to Zoning Order Compliance

      November 07, 2022

      The District of Columbia is attracting new residential, commercial, and retail development, and redevelopment at an unprecedented pace. While this activity has many benefits, it also increases traffic to/from and within our nation's capital. To enhance the quality of life for residents, commuters, and visitors, the District issues zoning orders that require buildings to implement sustainable transportation services and programs that reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles (SOV), also known as Transportation Demand Management (TDM)....

      Part II: Clean Commutes to DC-Based Cafés and Coffee Shops

      November 01, 2022

      Now that the weather is cooler, there's nothing like a hot cup of coffee to warm you up! Even if you prefer iced over hot, black, with or without cream, or any variation in between, Washington, DC has plenty of spots to get a quality cup of joe. And since the city has so many staple coffee shops and cafés, goDCgo encourages you to take a tour of all of them! Continue following our blog series to discover more of DC's popular coffee spots and learn about the best ways to get to each of them by bike, bus, or Metro. Stay tuned for more café commutes to come!...

      Active Travel After Dark: Traffic Rules and Tips to Stay Safe

      October 12, 2022

      Get ready for shorter days and longer nights as Daylight Saving Time will end on Sunday, November 6, 2022 at 2am. In addition to setting your clock back to standard time, goDCgo suggests staying extra alert once the sun goes down so you can stay safe while walking, biking, or driving. While this may or may not be the final ending to Daylight Saving Time (per the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021), we want you to be prepared to take the proper precautions when traveling around the District of Columbia after dark. Review the traffic laws and tips below, so bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians can coexist peacefully on the road both day and night....

      Clean Commutes to DC-Based Cafés and Coffee Shops

      September 27, 2022

      As many of you are probably aware, Washington, DC loves a good café! Whether you're a DC commuter, resident, or visitor, nothing quite gets a day in the District started like a soothing cup of joe. In our opinion, coffee is part of the DC culture, so goDCgo is shining a spotlight on some of the city's very own local cafés and coffee shops. Since there is such a long list of popular spots, we're creating an alphabetical series, so there will be even more to come! For now, let's jump into the first few. Be on the lookout for your favorite, and keep following us for the best ways to get there using alternative transportation for a true DC experience!...

      Celebrating Theatre Week in DC

      September 12, 2022

      Are you a fan of the performing arts? Get ready to celebrate theatre season in the DC region! Starting September 22 to October 9, 2022, the District will launch Theatre Week to kick-off the popular production season by providing discount tickets to over 20 live shows and hosting a community kickoff party, along with dozens of free events to entertain, educate, and inspire. With plenty of participating theaters and productions, Theatre Week is an opportunity to sample diverse and vibrant work throughout the city. To help you prepare for these plays, musicals, dramas, comedies, and other #DCTheatre productions, goDCgo has highlighted the top 10 venues in the city and the best ways to get there by foot, bike, bus, or Metro....

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