3 Simple Bike Modications for Fall

      November 17, 2016

      With a little planning and a positive attitude, a cool fall season presents an ideal time to take your two wheels for a ride. What are the advantages?

      • No Sweating! Dressing for cooler temperatures helps you remain comfortable—and dry—throughout the ride.
      • The Best Views. You don't have to travel far to experience awe-inspiring fall foliage. Riding a nearby trail on a clear day provides the perfect natural beauty backdrop.
      • Healthy Holidays. Between pies and cross-country travel, biking during the holiday season can help burn calories and energize you for the rest of your day. 

      The most important advice for cycling in the fall is to check the weather forecast. From morning frost to evening showers, Mother Nature can quickly change her mind.

      Make your fall and winter cycling safer and more comfortable with these three bike setup modifications.


      Since days are short and riding in darkness is much more common, check your bike lights. A white light up front facing forwards, either on the handlebar or the helmet, and a red rear flasher on the rear of the bike facing backwards is the minimum to see and be seen.


      Fenders make a huge difference on wet days and do a great job of keeping you dry. Capital Bikeshare bikes take this one step further with a full enclosed skirt guard and chain cover.


      Wider tires with some tread add stability, traction and control on seasonal surfaces that can sometimes be wet or even icy. Mountain bike tires work great for 26 inch wheel sizes and cyclo cross tires are a good fall/winter option for bikes with 700cc wheels.


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