3 Ways Your Commute Will Change in 2018

      December 18, 2017

      With the holiday season in full swing, it's hard to think about next year let alone next year's commute. With all the hustle and bustle of the end of the year fast approaching, you may have overlooked THREE MAJOR CHANGES that could affect your commute to work in 2018. 

      Have a look and contact info@goDCgo.com to help plan your commute! 


      Pre-Tax Transportation Benefit is Increasing to $260 per Month

      WMATA_SmarTrip_Card.jpgThe pre-tax transportation benefit is going up from $255 per month to $260! Starting January 1, 2018 employees will be able to put aside $260 per month in PRE-TAX dollars to use on publitransportation like Metro (including the new passes) and vanpooling. Seeing as the cost of transportation is on the rise, we’ll take any increase that saves us money on commuting! Tip: If your employer does not offer pre-tax transportation benefits, contact info@godcgo.com so we can reach out to them.


      Skip the New Toll on I-66 Inside the Beltway with E-ZPass Flex

      By now, you've surely heard the e-zpass flex.jpgnews about the $40 toll on I-66 inside the beltway. But, did you know some people are getting through for free? That’s because they are carpooling (just a fancy term for driving together)! Get the E-ZPass Flex which allows you to use the toll lanes in Virginia for free as long as you’re carpooling


      The $20 Bicycle Commuter Benefit is in Jeopardy

      The new Tax Bill in Congress may cause a few changes to transportation benefits. As it stands right now, Congress is likely going to eliminate the $20 bike subsidy that an employer is able to provide to employees who bike to work. Going forward, employers can still offer the benefit (and it would be great if they do!) but employees would be taxed on that money. Solution: Ask your company to sign up for the Capital Bikeshare Corporate Membership which gives employees a discounted annual membership so you can always have access to a bike.


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