goDCgo is excited to announce the launch of our new Employer Ambassadors Program!

      November 28, 2018

      Are you a DC employer that currently offers commuter benefits to your employees? If so, join the goDCgo Employer Ambassadors Program to receive recognition for your efforts!

       Stand out amongst your competitors by receiving an official goDCgo designation depending on the breadth of commuter benefits offered to your employees. Each organization’s program is evaluated and designated as one of four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. 

      What are the benefits of becoming a goDCgo Employer Ambassador?

      • Receive recognition for your organization’s commitment to sustainability
      • Increase your ability to recruit and retain talent by having a recognized commuter benefits package that improves the quality of life of employees
      • Receive ongoing complimentary support from goDCgo as you continue to grow your commuter benefits program
      • Official goDCgo designation and a host of additional perks based on level
      • Honored at our Annual Employer Ambassador Awards Ceremony

      What commuter benefits count towards a goDCgo designation?

      Examples include:

      • Financial benefits to encourage sustainable commuting, such as pre-tax benefits or a subsidy for rail, bus, or vanpools
      • Telework or alternative work schedule policies that help ease the commute stress for employees
      • Onsite amenities such as showers or lockers that support employees who choose to use an active commute option like walking or biking
      • Encouraging commuting by bicycle by having bike racks, a Capital Bikeshare Corporate membership, or offering a financial subsidy for bike commuters
      • Commute information onsite, like brochures or a real-time transit display screen
      • And many more!

      What is the Employer Ambassador Awards Ceremony?

      The annual awards ceremony will recognize all organizations that have become Employer Ambassadors. There is also an opportunity to receive a special award for your stand out commuter benefits program. Check out our 2018 Employer Ambassador Award Winners.  We will be announcing the special award categories in January 2019, so stay tuned. 

      By offering commuter benefits and creative program incentives, businesses can help to make the District the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States.


      Become a goDCgo Employer Ambassador today!


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      goDCgo is an initiative of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) that encourages the use of sustainable transportation. We provide complimentary transit resources and consulting services to DC organizations and commuters. Our goal serves to decrease traffic congestion, improve air quality and create a better quality of life in the DC area.

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