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      4 Ways to Use Your Commute Time Savings

      Over the past year, telework has certainly provided value as a safe alternative work arrangement in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Whether it’s one day a week or every day, teleworking can save you time and money, reduce air pollution, and even help stop the spread of COVID-19. We understand that many people can’t telework due to the nature of their job and recognize that the telework experience differs from that of pre-COVID times, however, we encourage everyone to take time for wellness which can start with recapturing the personal time that commuting to the office previously offered.

      In the District, working from home can save you tons of time because the DC metro area has one of the longest average commutes in the country. While the average American commute is about 27 minutes, the average DC-area worker spends 43 minutes getting to and from work. And more than a third travel 45 minutes or more to work every day. How are you spending your time savings by not commuting to and from the office? Check out goDCgo's suggestions below for some inspiration!

      1. Create your own commute.
        If you miss the hustle and bustle, you can create your own "fake commute" to leave the house and reestablish boundaries to separate work from home. This routine could be as simple as taking a walk or bike ride around the block or going out and treating yourself to a hot coffee and/or breakfast. You could even invite your co-workers for a socially-distant coffee stop so it feels even more like the real thing! Or, you can spend the time tuning into your favorite podcast or playlist that you would typically listen to during your commute.

      2. Commit to a workout routine.
        Whether you occasionally exercise or make it part of your everyday lifestyle, we suggest incorporating some type of physical fitness into your day to take advantage of your travel time in a healthy way. Yoga and pilates are low-effort physical activities that can easily be performed indoors or right in your backyard. Indoor cycling has also become popular since the pandemic, in addition to extracurricular outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, and biking. Washington, DC has 150 miles of bike lanes and trails for you to discover. Find the bike route for you from a selection of beginner, moderate, and scenic options. Don’t have a bike? Don’t worry! You can rent a ride from Capital Bikeshare for just $2/trip, $8/day, or $85/year. If income-eligible you could get an annual Capital Bikeshare membership for as low as $5/year!

      3. Do more family-friendly activities.
        In place of taking the kids to school, get the whole family involved in day-to-day activities that encourage less screen time on their mobile phones, laptop or computer, and/or television. goDCgo suggests taking walks or bike rides around the neighborhood and nearby parks and bring your furry family members along too, if you have a pet! You can also use this precious time to teach your kids necessary life skills like how to save and invest their money, how to properly clean the house, and how to cook so they can start preparing their own meals and share the duty!

      4. Prioritize self-care.
        Since you're connected all day at work via phone, email, and the internet, take some time to disconnect in the mornings or evenings. Find a good book to read, practice quiet meditation, take a long shower or bath, or get some extra sleep in place of that commute time. As the saying goes, "Self-care is the best care," so take care of yourself so you can stay well.

      While the future of commuting to the office is uncertain, we can focus on our present circumstances and how to best regain the time that has been absorbed by the increase of virtual engagement that teleworking during a pandemic has created. Whether you are teleworking or planning to resume your “normal commute,” goDCgo is here to help! Learn how we've adapted our services to continue supporting all of your commuting needs.



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