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      It’s no secret that Washington, DC is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. In fact, our nation’s capital was named a “Gold” Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists just earlier this year! Over the years, more than 800 communities have applied for the Bike Friendly Community designation, but our nation's capital became the first large eastern city to receive the Gold level designation which was based on a number of factors:

      • the percentage of residents who bike to work
      • the amount of bike lanes, cycletracks, and multi-use trails in the city
      • the large and growing Capital Bikeshare system

      Over 18,000 (or 5%) of DC residents bike to work on a daily basis and you could join the fun! In addition to the number of cyclists and abundance of bike lanes, trails, and infrastructure, there are also multiple biking and scooter share options that are easily accessible in the District. 

      Should you go with Capital Bikeshare or try renting one of the new dockless biking or electric scooter options like Jump or Lime? Or, maybe you should invest in purchasing your own personal bicycle? With so many choices, the options may seem overwhelming but there's no wrong choice! Opting to ride a bike or scooter instead of driving a car can make all the difference in contributing to a greener DC. 

      To help you navigate which biking system may work best for you, goDCgo has put together a guide outlining what's available in the District. 

      Explore your two-wheel options here.


      For more information about biking in the District of Columbia, visit goDCgo's bike page. Here, you'll find even more FREE resources and information about how to ride safely and efficiently in the city.


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      goDCgo is an initiative of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) that encourages the use of sustainable transportation. We provide complimentary transit resources and consulting services to DC organizations and commuters. Our goal serves to decrease traffic congestion, improve air quality and create a better quality of life in the DC area.

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