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      Dockless Vehicles: Access for All

      If you haven't noticed already, the District has welcomed dockless vehicles of all types including bikes, scooters, and soon -- mopeds! Riding a bike or a scooter through the city is not only fun, but can save you time and money by avoiding the stress of sitting in traffic and paying for gas and parking. So... leave the keys behind and go dockless DC!

      The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has made it a priority to provide equal access to dockless vehicles across all wards in the District. To ensure these options are available and affordable, each dockless operater has a Low-Income Customer Plan so their system is accessible to all residents, regardless of income. If approved, program participants can get FREE unlimited 30-minute trips! As of now, seven dockless operators are permitted to operate approximately 5,000 dockless bikes and scooters across the District in 2019.

      Who Can Apply

      • Eligible candidates must meet one of the following criteria:
        • A single person earning less than $24,980/year
        • A family of four where household income is less than $51,500/year (adults age 18+)

      How to Sign-Up

      1. Scan or take a picture of any qualification that validates your participation in any state or federally-run assistance program. If you qualify and do not have documentation, contact the company directly.
      2. Upload or email the scanned image or picture to the individual company at the addresses provided below. Be sure to include your full name and valid phone number because the phone number will be associated with your account.
      Company Contact
      Bird Email:



      Jump Email:



      Lyft Visit:
      Skip Visit:
      Spin Visit:

      *Lime also requires submission of an ID such as a driver’s license.

      If you have any questions about the dockless vehicle program or want to share your experience in signing up, DDOT wants to hear from you! Email


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