Welcome to National Bike Month

      May 12, 2022

      May is National Bike Month! Established in 1956, this month-long celebration honors biking as a form of transportation and recreation, and as essential to our well-being and everyday lives. National Bike month gives us a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and encourage more folks to give biking at try.


      Did you know biking provides a variety of benefits? It’s a great way to tone muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, alleviate stress, improve memory and concentration, and get some fresh air. But one of the most important benefits of biking is the community and comradery it creates. Between bike groups and community bike rides, biking is a great way to make friends and get to know the District. Whether you’re a fitness junkie, a history enthusiast, or want to ride for a worthy cause, DC is home to a variety of bike groups that may be of interest. To get started connecting with the biking community during National Bike Month, browse our list of bike groups in the District below.
      Black Women Bike DC
      Black Women Bike is a sponsored project of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. Their mission is to build community and interest in biking among Black women through education, advocacy, and recreation. Because their goal is to make biking accessible to all Black women, they do not have a membership fee.

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      DC Family Biking
      With members in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, the DC Family Biking group promotes family biking. The term family isn’t defined, but what is defined is recognizing the importance of quality time that’s spent among family members.

      District Cycling Collective
      Fitness. Fellowship. Fun. The District Cycling Collective group is ideal for experienced cyclists. The Breakfast Club 30-mile dash and the Early 50-mile dash are great ways to maintain stamina, improve endurance, and make friends.
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      Saturday Night Bike Club
      Want to explore the rich Black history of DC by bike? The Saturday Night Bike Club intentionally rides through Black neighborhoods and historical landmarks. Open to all levels, their Saturday night bike rides are planned around Capital Bikeshare stations so bike ownership is not necessary to join.
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      Streets Calling Bike Club DC
      The Streets Calling Bike Club  is a Black-owned cycling club operating in DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Detroit that promotes social activism, entrepreneurship, and black culture. The DC chapter of this bike group was created during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to keep individuals active and in shape, and to support the Black community. Their Saturday rides include black-owned businesses on their bike routes.
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      Women & Bicycles
      Open to all levels, Women & Bicycles encourages women/trans/femme-identifying cyclists to increase their representation in the bike movement. The goal is to build a sisterhood through mentorships, social events, workshops, and group rides.
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      Plan a bike trip today using goDCgo’s interactive map. Happy cycling!


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